French B2.1 (Early Fall 2019, ISI)

Thursdays, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

September 5, 2019
8 weeks
$249.00 for 2 months


from Julien
Dr. Kevin Hudson
Teacher, FLE Program


760 3rd Ave SW. #212. Carmel, IN 46032   View map

Building upon the B1-level of the Alter Ego Plus series, this B2.1 course will focus on acquisition and mastery of the following topics: Writing a cover letter and preparing for an interview; recognizing varying language registers and learning informal French expression; describing one’s historical past, medical conditions and health status; complex articulation/evalution of family relationships, roles and responsibilities among couples; and evaluating housing conditions and debating urban transformations. There will be an in-depth grammatical view of the follow subject areas: complex, past tense usage; simple & complex relative pronoun usage; articulating time-related events (simultaneous, past, posterior); passive voice usage; expressing concession and opposition; voicing sentiments with subjunctive mood usage; and articulating cause and effect relationships of comparison.

The main textbook used will be Alter Ego Plus (B2).

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