International Night at Fall Creek Jr. High School in Fishers

International Night at Fall Creek Jr. High School in Fishers

“J’aime parler français”, “I love to speak French”, it says on Emily’s pin. Milena a new volunteer, and Emily, a foreign language student, proud to exchange with us in French!

Our President Claire Ty, her daughter Elisabeth and myself as a volunteer, Milena Houtin, hosted a table at the International Night at Fall Creek Junior High School in Fishers on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

They were very welcoming, friendly and greeted us with good cheer. They had a table set up for us, with a French flag and an Alliance Française sign. There were stands from many countries, and students played their instruments by the entrance. We didn’t expect so many booths and all the themes linked to the International Night.

The French teacher, Olga Mounayar, welcomed us ever so heartily with warm expectation on promoting the French Language. There was a student booth next to us, with five of her French students, (out of her 55 students) next to us. So actually, we had two French booths, showing French colors at the gymnasium! The French students were really happy to have actual French speakers to talk to.

The students walked up to us, with their younger siblings and excited parents, all with beaming smiles and a loud “Yes!” when being asked if “They like French?” and if they wanted to “Learn French?”. And it came as a surprise to the students to learn that approximately 45% of all English words are of French origin.

The feedback was overall very encouraging to us. Everybody loves crepes and the Chandeleur event coming up in Carmel on February 17th, raised as much interest as the French classes.

Together we agreed, that the dedicated French teacher, Olga Mounayar, will act as liaison between us and all High school students who are interested in the Alliance Française d’Indianapolis (AFI).

The night was a success, a small step for a great project: Giving younger students access to French language and culture. Children are the future of our society while the world is shrinking. Cultural exchanges are facilitated and therefore more than ever encouraged. Claire Ty, who sincerely loves children is looking forward to further events directly linked to meeting face to face with youth.