Thank you for your interest in our “Kid’s Academy”!  Our academy for children currently has three programs to offer.

“Les Petits Chefs” cooking class targets children ages 5-12 years old.  This program is led by one of our board members, Laurent, a native French speaker.  Laurent hosts these classes in his home in Carmel and engages children in learning French through preparing and tasting traditional French desserts or dishes. This class’s objective is to introduce children to French culture and language through a hands-on tasty activity which can then be enjoyed and shared.

We often coordinate what we will cook with a French holiday and in the past, we have made traditional holiday sugar cookies, crepes, King’s Cake,  and Holiday Logs.  We have also made salad nicoise, savory soups, chocolate mousse, and apple sauce.  While we cook we may also learn about the area of the country where the dish originates, or learn a song that goes along with the dessert and holiday being celebrated…and all of this and the cooking instructions are in French!   No worries if a child does not know French as we demonstrate each step and are also happy to translate for anyone who needs help. Each child will bring home the recipe for the item made so they can even replicate it at home.  These classes are offered on various Saturdays from 10:30 AM – Noon.

Our classes are popular and fill up fast, so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure your child has a spot at the kitchen counter!  Bon appétit!


▪Jan 21, 2017

Cost: $10 members/$12 non-members

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“French Playground” is a program open to parents who speak French and have babies or children up to age 12 years old.  The children play while parents converse in French (an intermediate level of French is preferred as a base and native speakers are wanted and welcomed!) and then we have 10 – 15 minutes of structured time in French provided to the children by a French-speaking parent.  The structured activities have included games, songs and books. Brunch-type snacks and coffee are provided.

“French Playground” meets the second Saturday of each month from 10 – Noon. Please check our website for locations.  We hope you can join us for this unique opportunity to connect with other French speakers in the area, and to practice and improve your own French while exposing your children to the language through fun activities!  Come play with us!

Download the French Playground flyer HERE

The French Camp program offers a week long half day “French Camp” during the summer for kids ages 5-10 years old.  Our main instructor is a native-French speaker from Paris who is also a trained teacher and yoga instructor.  We have a theme each year such as “Holidays in French”, “Circus Circus”, “Famous French Painters”, and “The Olympics” off of which we base our activities and snacks. Activities have included songs, games, arts and crafts, cooking, stories, puppet shows, plays, animal care, an obstacle course, a water balloon fight, a “who done it” mystery with clues, walking to the park and local market, watching children’s videos in French, and putting on shows for parents.  This past summer we added a “Jr. counselor’s” team of kids ages 10 to 12 for children who have already been exposed to French so they could also experience some leadership roles. Immersion is the way we all learned our first language and it is the best way for us to learn a second language, so our “French Camp” is an immersion camp.  No worries if a child does not know French as we demonstrate meaning through actions and can translate for children if needed.  We hope to expose children to French language and culture through fun activities, songs, games and food alongside their peers.  Why not have a summer camp experience all in French? It may spark an interest or passion in a child that has not yet had the opportunity to ignite.