Dear Friends,

Thank You for your continuous support!

In this beginning of a new year, I thought I would share a few good stories the Alliance Française experienced in 2015, in the hopes that each one of us can build from these wonderful moments to continue to make a positive impact in our organization and our communities.


From Mission Impossible to a New Hope

In early summer of 2015, a small group of volunteers began evaluating the possibility of an adult French language program to serve Indianapolis metro community. Four months later, what appeared at first as an impossible mission, became reality. On October 21st 2015, Alliance Française launched 2-level French classes for adults, with a total of 17 students enrolled.

First, it took the vision and audacity of Dr. Kevin Hudson – program director, Valérie Lamidieu –logistics coordination, Irina Kuznetsov, Rémy Braconnot, Angélique Devaux, Maud Habich, Boris Panloup, Robby Siopathis – marketing and communications. And then the belief of 17 students in education and intercultural understanding through the language of French.

The first semester ends on January 14th, and the spring semester is set to start on February 4th, 2016 with 4 classes: Beginner I and II, and Intermediate I and II. It is a shared responsibility to all of us to strengthen this program!


A Vision Clarified Through Actions

In 2015, “Les P’tits Chefs” cooking class for the little ones had consistently sold out months in advance. The community’s interest in the program has reached new highs this year, worrying our instructors about whether we have enough resources to meet this consistent increase in demand, which is a rather good problem to have. Thanks to your support, we are now considering increasing the frequency of the classes from once a month to twice a month.

Besides the fun time the kids are having every month during those classes –bravo les p’tits chef!, the true heroes are you, parents. You are from various social and cultural backgrounds, yet all alike under the banner of teaching our children the values of learning and developing relations with other cultures. Thank you for your contribution!

Behind the success of this program, there are two women with an extraordinary vision for our world and our children. To Kristi Kimberlin –Director of Kid’s Academy, and Véronique Courroux -Instructor and Directors of Alliance Française, this is just the beginning. Already in 2015, Kristi launched the Kid’s Playground Program, which is another way, around a playground, to culturally connect Hoosiers and their kids to French speaking families living the Indy metro area. And this summer 2016, Alliance Française Kid’s Academy will host its first week-long French immersion Summer Camp, with all activities provided in French.

I am asking each one of us to become a part of this vision, with an unquantifiable support to our Kids’ Academy!


As much as your membership support is highly appreciated, those stories from which you are a part of, are truly what give Alliance Française meaning, and a renewed hope every year to strive and continue to have an increasing impact on our community.

For me and the rest of our officers, it is a privilege to be in a position to bring something to our community, and we are glad to be a part of the Alliance Française movement.


On behalf of Alliance Française d’Indianapolis, Happy New Year to Everyone, and our very best wishes for plenty of success to you, in each of your endeavors in 2016!


Very truly yours,

Signature Jean

Jean Minka
President, AFI