French A1.1 French for Beginners

French A1.1 French for Beginners

$275.00 for 8 weeks

French A1.1.French for Beginners

Textbook and Workbook: Entre Nous 1 A1 


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This course is for beginners. Here you will learn the fundamentals, such as how to pronounce words in French. Through practice in class, you’ll learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and introduce others. You’ll learn how to have a basic conversation, ask and give information, express your personal interests, describe people and places, count, ask for prices, and ask and give simple explanations. Welcome to French!

The textbook and workbook are in the Entre Nous series.

Entre nous 1 A1 : Livre de l’élève + cahier d’activités (2CD audio) (French) Maison des Langues, Publication date : December 12, 2015

Entre Nous 1- Complementary Workbook for English-Speaking Students (French Edition), Maison des Langues, September 22, 2016

NOTE: Please buy both the textbook and the workbook.

There are several books in the Entre Nous series. Please be sure to buy the Entre Nous 1 A1 version.

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