French for Travelers

French for Travelers


French for Travelers

8 week class


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This course is for those who would like to be able to communicate their basic needs in French while traveling in a French-speaking country. Students will learn: greetings and introductions, basic courtesies and questions, numbers, dates and times, simple directions and names of common places, how to read and order from a menu, basic shopping phrases, how to check in to a hotel and, for those going to Paris, how to use the subway and navigate on a street map.


Berlitz 5-Minute Travel French (French Edition)

This book is out of print and somewhat hard to find. However, its lessons are timeless.

Here are two options for students:

– borrow one of the teacher’s books with a refundable deposit of $10 upon return of the book

– purchase a used book from Amazon where prices and availability vary


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